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A Soft Day 2019 80x80cm original acrylic painting on canvas by Orfhlaith Egan, Cornamona and Berlin

A Soft Day 2019 80x80cm Original Painting on Canvas

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A Soft Day is a uniquely Irish term referring to a cross between mist and drizzle, when the rain seems to hover and linger in the air. Occurring regularly where Atlantic mists envelope mountains creating a shroud of silver cloud.

Combining realism with abstraction I layered on delicate sheets of metallic paint over deeper antaquidrone blue and earthy maroon. Using vertical and horizontal brushstrokes while the paint was not quite dry to create distant rain and mist. Finished off with broad strokes of darkest blue that mimic clouds floating in the air. This painting shimmers with reflected sunlight so you can feel the glow and softness of the approaching mist.

Painted over several weeks with 'Golden' acrylic paints and medium, then varnished with a satin matte finish to protect against fading and dust. This painting can be wiped cleaned with a damp cloth.

Measuring 80x80cm the painting is ready to hang and does not require a frame.

All my original paintings ship directly from my studio in Berlin within 5 business days.

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